Everything for free! Soon at Dorstener Straße 37!

KostNix Freeshop moves from the Social Centre to its own location. From Josephstraße 2 to Dorstener Straße 37.
To celebrate the housewarming party as soon as possible, we ask for help with the renovation works. If you can pluck wallpaper, drive garbage to the dump, lay laminate or help to set up the shelves: Please contact us via the known channels.

Today a first inspection of the premises for all interested takes place. The invitation has already been distributed in advance. Here it is documented.

The initiators of the “new” free shop would like to invite you to come and meet them Sunday, the
8 July, on a walk to the new premises at Dorstener Straße 37. On this occasion all people interested can get a picture of the shop and inform themselves about current plans. But
Attention: the shop is in a state in need of renovation. Anyone who has problems with house dust will therefore not be able to stay in the rooms for long.

Before that, the KostNix shop will of course be open from 3 p.m. as usual. However, disassembly is to begin around 16:30. After a refreshment with coffee or mate everyone can leave at 5 pm.

The initiative is aimed at all interested parties, especially in the neighborhood, to encourage them to get inspired by empty rooms despite its raw state. Every crazy idea is encouraged! Sunday is the day of crazy ideas on how the shop can be comfortably furnished for everyone in the next few weeks.

We are looking forward to meeting you!